Homeward Bound

What a whirlwind this week has been. Sigh. Remember when I use to cook? And post recipes?

Well I can’t remember the last meal I had at home. Maybe it was juice? I mentioned that I would be traveling successively this month and that, I have. Enumerable amounts of hotel breakfast, take-out, sit down restaurants, and so on. You get the picture. The lack of home-cooked meals has been coupled with various team idiosyncrasies that have made this whirlwind week utterly exhausting. My team likes to meet in the lobby at 6:30AM to leave for the office in the morning and then we tend to stay much much much longer than necessary at night.

These events have left me with no choice but to throw a temper tantrum begin my runs at 4:45AM everyday. With paralyzingly early wake up calls, no coffee (still not needing it), and long days and nights, the only thing I want to do is vegetate in my hotel room. It wouldn’t be the week I had without my reservation dates being incorrect and the hotel selling out my last night in Louisville. Let’s just say last night was one for the books. Go back to my hotel and veg? No, I did not. Share a room with my 60 year old female boss, ignore her pink polka dot pajamas, work on a deliverable with her all night, and sleep in the fetal position on a pullout couch? I did. Four in the morning did not come soon enough this time.

An additional stressor for me as I’ve mentioned is being out of my routine. But I’ve adapted to it all well this week and rolled with the punches. Holiday vacation is almost tangible right now, so I’m moving full steam ahead. A factor that simplified the inconsistencies of work travel for me these past few weeks was having food on hand. Luckily, I made my snack run prior to my trip. When the snack monster or stress of an assignment hit hard this week, I didn’t have to gorge on the gargantuan bag of Halloween candy temptations. Snacks on snacks on snacks. Fruit, yogurt, bars,nuts, packaged tuna. You name it, I had it in my purse.

Since you all are clearly eager for recipes, some food pics will have to suffice 🙂

My days have been filled with a little of:

Omelets and salsa

Apple, PB,  yogurt

Salads +mellow pizza


How has your week been?

What snacks do you eat on the go?