A Little of This

After such disjointed time in DC this summer, it’s nice to settle back into life in the nation’s capital. I can breath a sigh of relief not having to source my wardrobe from my textbook sized suitcase. With the crisp hint of fall in the air, I’ve been soaking up rendezvous with friends, sleep time in my quasi new apartment (as its been very rare), pumpkin flavored everything, DC centric activities, reading whenever I have a spare second, and overall, some care free weekends.



This fall has looked a little like this:

Pumpkin candles....and spring tulips

Pumpkin candles….and spring tulips


Scoping out my next meal at Ted's

Scoping out my next meal at Ted’s


Killing a trail half marathon...while killing myself in the process

Killing a trail half marathon…while killing myself in the process


Still nursing wounds

Still nursing wounds


Rekindling my love for Sweetgreen salads

Rekindling my love for Sweetgreen salads



Alt-J on Wednesday


Pumpkin pancakes and pink kettles

Pumpkin pancakes and pink kettles


Coveting puppies

Coveting puppies


Froyo with my bro

Froyo with my bro


Potomac scrambling life

Potomac scrambling life


Pumpkin lattes and fall nails

Pumpkin lattes and fall nails


Pretending to be hipster

Faux hipster selfies


Shifts at the yoga studio


Breaking bad therapy

Breaking Bad therapy


Anyone watch last night’s finale?? What’s your fall looked like?

The California Ten

It’s such a familiar scent. The eucalyptus trees , the blazing furnace, the polished silver, the decanted wine. A warm nostalgia floods me when I walk through the familiar doors on King Avenue. I’ve sat under the tree opening tiger rockers, beanie babies, curling irons, university sweatshirts, and cook books over the years. The view lying under the Christmas tree looks very different than it use to–the branches less enveloping, the tree top not as daunting, the lights a little less blinding. But nonetheless, my holidays spent in this house are still as exciting and blessed. Home sweet home at my grandmother’s.


Let’s talk about the ten elements of my California day:

10: The number of minutes until boarding when I finally arrived at my gate to San Francisco. Dulles Airport is an adventure during the holidays, even on a Tuesday night

9: Scallops were prepared by the boyfriend for my last meal in DC. We chefed seared scallops in pesto, cauliflower mash, mustard green beens, and tomatoes with pesto. And wine of course. An epic meal

IMG_2129 IMG_2133

8: The number of degrees warmer my room at my grandmother’s should be. Eight or 15 give or take. Survived the night with a few dozen blankets

7: Beautiful faces walking to elementary school together. Smiles, waves, and bundled up coats in the 36 degree morning dew

6: Miles around the California hills this morning


5: Varieties of nuts, I’m snacking on as I write this. Almonds, pistachios, and cashews have a special place in my mouth heart


4: Magazines I poured over while in my bubble bath, after my run and before our Christmas shopping extravaganza. Caught up on my travel and food magazines

3: Cans of pumpkin for some imminent pumpkin chocolate chip cookie baking. It’s happening. Sugar cookies, poached pears, and maybe a Bouche de Noel attempt


2: Neighborhoods we drove through to view the Christmas spirit this year. It’s still early, so there’s time for more creative designs to come up and the color lights to come down

1: Partridge in a pear tree. Bra short of a perfect packed bag. I was so close but I guess a shopping trip is in store for me


What was your day like?