Foliage and Feasts

Sometimes it takes a friend coming into town, in order for you to explore your own city. In honor of Vanessa’s visit, we ventured to Dumbarton Oaks–a private art collection and garden. As impressive as the Byzantine and Pre-Columbian relics and texts were, the residence garden was incomparable on a fall afternoon. With bated breath and a steady hand, we snapped pictures of every bloom, tinted leaf, and arching oak.

Caution: Foliage overload below


After a successful day in Georgetown, I set to work in the kitchen before friends arrived for dinner. Pandora was audible throughout the house, as was the overwhelming tinge of onions. On a whim in Safeway, I planned the menu: whole wheat spaghetti with a clam and shrimp tomato sauce, rosemary and caramelized onion focaccia, kale salad, and a chocolate chip cookie pie. Oh, and a case a little vino and beer.

For the tomato-seafood sauce, I sauteed onions, added a large amount of chopped tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, white wine, canned clams, and shrimp. And simmer simmer simmer



Letting the dough rise


Preparing the toppings—carmelized a Vidalia onion and diced the rosemaryImage

15 minutes later, homemade focaccia breadImage

Dessert solo-shot. Forgetting the final product picture = failure


We had a full day of foliage and food. Successful Friday if I do say so myself

How was your weekend?