Foliage Watching

I’ve been a wee bit distracted by the gamut of orange littering the street. There’s little more beautiful than the transition of Fall.



And evidently, I’ve been too distracted taking pictures next to leaves to blog the past few weeks. Infinite apologies.


Note: I do have other shoes I swear


While I wasn’t foliage watching, there have been a few notable moments:

1) Halloweening in Chicago. It’s a hard life being a party animal unicorn. Costumes followed by a girls weekend in NYC. In withdrawal from everyone and both cities.


image_4 image_3

image_6 image_2 image_7

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2) It seems that I’m late to the auto-correct text jokes. Regardless, I lost my whole night a few hours of productivity this weekend due to uncontrollable laughter and amusement. I’m actually still chuckling to myself, which my coworkers are clearly loving this bright-eyed Monday morning. Read THIS


3) Mediterranean for lunch. I’m successfully hitting my Falafel quota every other day. Be still my heart.



4) Wearing my underwear on backwards, because I’m that cool. Or maybe because I’m just that lazy to make the transition after my discovery in the work stall. Well, at least I got treated myself to Starbucks. Cheers.

Good day

Good day


5) Candy wrappers at the gym. Washington Sports Club is the epitome of health.

nothing like a Hershey's Kiss to fuel your crunches

nothing like a Hershey’s Kiss to fuel your crunches


6) My thoughts on trail mix exactly.



8) Colleen’s new VW body. This made for a very fun drive to our 10 miler trail race.




9) Tranny Tuesdays in Dupont. But really, there was a wine night with le friends and then the annual Dupont Drag Queen Race. Quite an impressive display of Halloween costumes and very tall, made-up men.


How has your November been?


From Zero to Eighty

My 21 day cleanse came to an abrupt halt this weekend.

Well, it wasn’t a kale cleanse (though I have that Eat More Kale shirt) ha.

A few friends from TT suggested an alkaline leveling diet they had read about. I adjusted the cleanse to my work schedule and nutrition needs–but I did the full three weeks. Basically, I tried to primarily eat fruits and vegetables with limited processed food. Though I did continue to eat eggs because I know from experience that my body does poorly without protein. When I wasn’t traveling for work, juicing was a refreshing and convenient option. Sure, sure it was challenging but did I mention that the cleanse cut out CAFFEINE and ALCOHOL from my diet?

The first week was a challenge. Despite my proclivity for half caff–the headaches and grogginess came on with a vengeance. I supplemented my morning java with green tea, and of course I discovered the other day that it was decaffeinated (unintentional cold turkey move). My cravings for a steaming mug of joe in the mornings and a bold glass of wine after a  long day were insipid. But honestly, I feel incredible and more refreshed without that constant dependency on caffeine. You’ll catch me with an occasional half caff with steamed almond milk but not on the regular. It just feels right.

There was an inconceivable amount of laughing, reminiscing, and imbibing this weekend. Let’s just say our boozy brunch, four hours at a biergarden, and tequila rounds were not fluid reintroductions of alcohol and processed foods. Moderation is the answer, but not when you’re in New York visiting some of your best friends 🙂

Despite my not having been home in DC for literally more than 12 hours in the past two weeks, another Monday bares 5am wake up calls, morning airport lines, and hopes of remembering my toothbrush. If you find any rogue plums on your next US Airways flight, don’t be alarmed, the fruit basket that is my purse may have fallen over during boarding. I’m going to attribute that incident to my mammoth laptop rather tan my lack of caffeine. It’s been a long morning.