Greek Yogurt, No More

It’s been a challenge coming back to hurried, mundane breakfasts after my reprieve in Paris. Greek yogurt, fruit, protein pancakes, nor scrambled eggs will surfeit my hungry stomach and eager palette. Why can’t every sunrise be met with chandeliers, silver platters, and every morsel imaginable?

Because I live in the real world? Yes, I guess that’s it. As I make this heart-wrenching transition back to the feast of Americans, I will allow you to wallow in the foodie heaven that was.

Breakfast time

Eggs and smoked salmon

Fruit and granola galore

And then there were some other meals. Remember all the wine we imbibed? We had to pair it with something…

La Tour Eiffel

Pumpkin soup with chestnut puree

Sea bass in grape and walnut foam

Brother’s dish. Stuffed caramelized onion with pork

Poached apple with dried apple and honey glaze

Post-dessert dessert

Post-dessert dessert


Thanksgiving treat

And there was a little bread…

Let’s cheers to the greatness of Greek yogurt 🙂