Foliage Watching

I’ve been a wee bit distracted by the gamut of orange littering the street. There’s little more beautiful than the transition of Fall.



And evidently, I’ve been too distracted taking pictures next to leaves to blog the past few weeks. Infinite apologies.


Note: I do have other shoes I swear


While I wasn’t foliage watching, there have been a few notable moments:

1) Halloweening in Chicago. It’s a hard life being a party animal unicorn. Costumes followed by a girls weekend in NYC. In withdrawal from everyone and both cities.


image_4 image_3

image_6 image_2 image_7

1395781_10201228592812004_102755164_nimage_1 image


2) It seems that I’m late to the auto-correct text jokes. Regardless, I lost my whole night a few hours of productivity this weekend due to uncontrollable laughter and amusement. I’m actually still chuckling to myself, which my coworkers are clearly loving this bright-eyed Monday morning. Read THIS


3) Mediterranean for lunch. I’m successfully hitting my Falafel quota every other day. Be still my heart.



4) Wearing my underwear on backwards, because I’m that cool. Or maybe because I’m just that lazy to make the transition after my discovery in the work stall. Well, at least I got treated myself to Starbucks. Cheers.

Good day

Good day


5) Candy wrappers at the gym. Washington Sports Club is the epitome of health.

nothing like a Hershey's Kiss to fuel your crunches

nothing like a Hershey’s Kiss to fuel your crunches


6) My thoughts on trail mix exactly.



8) Colleen’s new VW body. This made for a very fun drive to our 10 miler trail race.




9) Tranny Tuesdays in Dupont. But really, there was a wine night with le friends and then the annual Dupont Drag Queen Race. Quite an impressive display of Halloween costumes and very tall, made-up men.


How has your November been?



WIAW: Weekend Edition

As I mentioned, I took time to sleep in and enjoy my weekend. Leisurely moment by leisurely moment. This was clearly spurred by homemade breakfast for me and Richard. It was nice to take the time and whip something up in the kitchen, rather than rush around from obligation to errand to appointment. Perfect fuel for my ten miler that afternoon.



3 imag4e_1

Egg scramble for me and banana flambee pancakes for him.




Loving my big salads recently. Including falafel and hummus. You can go ahead and swoon now



Make this now. Not sure where my muse came from, but I was inspired to make nut encrusted fish. Hence, my pistachio salmon was born. I love the flavor of pistachios and per Richard’s request for flavorful fish opposed to a delicate white, we chose salmon.


Pistachio Encrusted Salmon:
1) Drench filets in egg mixture (think egg and breadcrumb process)
2) Crush pistachios to fine/medium consistency
3) Pat pistachios onto both sides of filet
4) Season with lemon, herb mixture, salt, and pepper
5) Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Or less if smaller filet


Hopefully this means that spring has reawakened the chef in me. I’ve been slacking on the creativity and home cooking front.


Happy Wednesday!