Fact: It’s Friday


Fact: I have an addiction to Kombucha. I crave the refreshing carbonation and it’s “healthy” placebo effects. I’ve been chugging these and going broke



Fact: I have 2.5 days of work before CHRISTMAS VACATION. My holidays don’t rollover to 2013, so I’m taking off eight days in December


Fact: When a foodie and an architect (along with a lot of wine, beer, and Hershey kisses) get together on a Thursday, this happens….

IMG_2115 IMG_2116


Fact: My Christmas cards have been mailed and the majority of my holiday shopping list is complete. This is a historical moment. Take note



Fact: I eat a protein pancake almost every day–topped with strawberry jam and greek yogurt. Grape jelly will never be welcome  in my house



Fact: I can barely contain my excitement at new book recommendations. I’m reading Junot Diaz’s new novel (I’ll report back) and have a overwhelming list following that completion. Eeeeeeeeeee


Fact: We did the tree lights TWICE this year, since some male in my family started with the light plug at the top of the tree. Note to all: use the outlet side



Fact: I will be in Northern California in four days. If anything brings out the crunchy granola in my, it’s the Berkley/San Francisco culture. Let the wine, local produce,  farm to table restaurants, cookie baking, grandma time, and yoga ensue


What are your facts?

The Good Stuff

It’s what gives your day a little extra something something. The things that put a smile on your face and an make your heart race an extra beat. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s so important to keep hold of the reins of your life. We tend to think that stress is natural during the holidays, but high levels of stress hormones are meant to be released briefly. And if they continue, say for one month straight (Thanksgiving to New Years) without enough time to recharge, our resistance levels are substantially lessened. The more we take care of ourselves, the less we will suffer from relentless stress and the effects of exhaustion.

By all means, its equally important to indulge in that extra gingerbread man and stay up a few hours later watching holiday movies with your family. Really bask in your holiday–it will only happen once in 2012. But find that perfect balance so that “you do you,” as one of my friends says (heyyy Robbie 🙂 )


So let’s get to the good stuff this week:

1) Listening to my body. Yoga is what I needed, and I needed it badly. Started my morning with a slow flow. Met friends for one of those butt-kicking prana flows that leave you bathed in sweat, or more like in the very sweaty man’s puddle next to me. And then finished off my night with a mediation class. Exactly what I needed that day



2) Enjoying 65 degree weather and the simplicities of the day

IMG_2030  IMG_2031IMG_2045


3) New, PINK running shoes. They really were the only color my Asics came in, and I haven’t switched shoes since my marathon. All you runners know that that is just asking for an injury



4) Moleskin Calendars. This week, there are work lists, personal to-dos, Christmas lists, reminders, and so on. Keeping me sane and organizedIMG_2038


5) Tea and lots of it. I have a current obsession with Trader Joe’s Peppermint Green tea. Are you even surprised? I should probably be a store marketer. It helps the work day go by. Tea=stamina…and warmth, now that it is again 30 degrees




6) Front page stories of the WSJ. A cup of tea while reading the most ground breaking news of the day



7) Sweatyyy spin classes with good friends. Those ones that make you question your ability to do cardio. We both ran a marathon (hi Courtney) yet cringe in fear before we step foot on the cycling bikes



8) The newest addition to our house. Our little love fern Christmas tree–all decorated and gleaming. Cinnamon scented broomstick in the house, dozens of cookies made last weekend, and Pandora Glee Holiday blaring from my computer. I think it’s that time of the year



8) It’s almost Friday



What made you smile today?

How do you do you?