WIAW: Spring Obsessions

Spring is in the air. And I may have a few slight obsessions…

Morning/Noon/Evening Obsession:

Chobani sent me a delectable gift. And now my fridge is a vision of gold–well a vision that is dwindling considerably. I’ve been enjoying these babies solo, with fruit, with granola, and atop protein pancakes. I’m hooked. The pear is not overly sweet and has perfectly sized bites at the bottom. I need one now.


Beautiful sight

Beautiful sight

WSJ and breakfast

WSJ and breakfast

Work fuel


I was four years old, lying on my stomach with my chin in my hands and feet kicking in the air, watching Saturday morning cartoons. My dad lay down next to me with a simple offering to the pickiest eater on the planet–it was a plated sliced pear. After much a bit of reluctance to try out the foreign food, I was pleasantly surprised. The sweet, crisp, and juicy pear won me over. And twenty years later but with less of a pixie haircut,  I can still be found kicking my legs up with a pear in hand.


Salty Obsession:

Seaweed wraps. Okay, let me explain. Envision nori sheets filled with lettuce, tomato, hummus and/or cottage cheese, and tempeh. Perfect summer lunch in my book. And I’ve been making my way through the pack of 1o sheets a little quicker than I’d like to admit.  This is a winner folks, get going on it.




Supper Obsession:

The spring king himself. The asparagus. Is that not the ultimate spring vegetable or what? Wait, are you telling me it’s not standard protocol to rate your seasonal vegetables? Well, you all have another thing coming when summer heirloom tomatoes come into season. This blog will be a vision of heirloom red and yellow. Donations are welcome.

Wine is a year long obsession

Wine is a year long obsession


I fell in love with these long stemmed beauties my first summer home from college. I learned from Wonder Woman herself about the glories of roasting your asparagus. Olive oil, salt, pepper, and a broiler. Done and done. I’ve recently come to learn that my secret little method of preparing asparagus is more common knowledge than I realized.


My WIAW takeaways are three-fold: 1) grab yourself a pear chobani 2) roll out a nori wrap and 3) crisp up some asparagus. Happy Wednesday!


WIAW: Humpday Eats

Happy Wednesday!! The week is half way over so let’s eat. Or at least run through today’s eats. After my ski trip, I’ve been trying to sneak in more veggies whenever I can. A detox from wine and peanut butter was in order, big time



Nothing like getting multiple serving of veggies in before breakfast. The greener the better.  Perfect accompaniment on my drive to work



Took a break at work for some sustenance. Tea and yogurt on a rainy morning at my desk



Thanks for getting me through the week with your sweet treats, Chobani. The blood orange was a new favorite find, and I can’t wait to try the new Chobani Bites




Tuna salad chefed up by yours truly. And then a bar and grapes for dessert




Finally put my birthday present to good use (thanks, mom!). I made a carrot soup to sooth the soul with my new immersion blender. I better get to making more soup before spring starts in twenty days!






What’s your favorite Chobani flavor?

Made any soups this winter?