Sore Morning


I couldn’t help but feel like this after Mysore yoga this morning.

Mysore is an asana practice within the Ashatanga Yoga tradition–each asana builds upon the previous and prepares for the successive. The class is not led but rather the students practice the sequence at their own pace and through memorization of the series. What makes this practice so transformative for your practice is that the teacher is able to take the time to assist each student individually with physical adjustments and verbal cues.

Back in college, a friend (hi Becky)and I discovered the 5:30am Mysore classes and how they advanced our practice and complemented our running–strengthening and stretching muscles that were prone to injury. Two years later, I’m trying to ease back onto Mysore. I need to recommit the sequence to memory and learn how to contort my body into poses I use to have, but it will come. I took my first Mysore with a couple of my favorite yogis last week, and this morning was my second. I’m still elated. I guess that’s what finally getting Bhujapidasana and having a good morning of drop backs will do to you



Back drops from standing

Back drops from standing


Any poses or goals you’re working at?


9 thoughts on “Sore Morning

  1. MYSORE! I miss those mornings…you can’t replace the amazing feeling you get after finishing. I am nowhere near where I was during college. Thanks for inspiring me to make it to yoga tonight.

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