Days on Days on Days

These past couple days have been something else. It’s been the kind of week when I have a thousand things on my mind—lists and lists racing around a mile a minute. I’ve yet to even have time to organize my thoughts, tasks, and to-dos in my moleskin, or yet BUY a new one (2013 cough cough). The horrorrrrrrrr.

My entire weekend was filled with Teacher Training—long days, riveting discussions, and lots of time practicing assists. We even taught at Lululemon Georgetown; the energy, music, and huge space at the store made this Sunday incredibly special. I missed these girls so much. It was good to be at home in Flow once again. Immediately following a weekend full of chaturangas and chantings, I began my first full week consulting on my new project. So the whirlwind of a new team, onboardings, long drives, different dynamics, and the adjustment of my snacking schedule has preoccupied my mind, time, and energy.


practicing prenatal yoga with pillows in our shirts

practicing prenatal yoga with pillows in our shirts

eka pada koundinyasana-- babyyyy

eka pada koundinyasana– babyyyy


Lulu Sundays


Given that my TT graduation is this weekend (eeeeeeeeeek), I’ve had to draw upon what time and energy I have left in order to prepare. I can already anticipate how palpably emotional this weekend will be for me. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will include our teaching to the class, reviews from each peer, our anatomy exam, and the end of a milestone. Our introductions in September feel like just yesterday. I’ll end here before this post develops into a sappy soap opera.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the few DCers who does not have Monday/Martin Luther King Day/Inauguration Day off. And as luck has it, my brother offered me a ticket to the Inauguration near the stage for Monday. The combative work and yoga elements in my life came into play once again, as I am already taking Friday off for a mandatory TT day. I drew on many trusted opinions to come to the conclusion that I couldn’t take the second day of consecutive time off. I am incredibly torn about missing this momentous opportunity to first hand witness the 2012 Inauguratioin, but I worked hard to get on this specific project and I want to set a positive precedent as a new analyst. Given the implied asterisk from my manager and less than a week at the office, I have to take my career by the reigns for the ownership and responsibility that I anticipate.

My beloved little German Shepard, Ginger, went into surgery today. I wish I was back in Florida to be with her as she wakes up, but I’m happy my dad was there to take her to the vet before anything fatal set in. She is surrounded by love…and dog treats, and I’m grateful for that.


And as I write this, my thoughts settle immensely. It’s nice to have good problems this week, which serve as reminders of how precious and blessed every day is. Take a moment to close your eyes and take focus of your breath—the simplicity, the calm, and the light of each inhale and exhale. It will put things in perspective for you again.


Tell me about your Thursday.


16 thoughts on “Days on Days on Days

  1. Aw, I’m thinking happy, healing thoughts for your precious pup – I hope her surgery goes smoothly and that recovery is a breeze for her.

    Also, I completely understand how frustrating it is to have to pass up cool opportunities like inauguration for work responsbilities. It’s obviously the right thing to do in this case, but it’s understandable that you’d feel conflicted and disappointed by it. The silver lining is that it’s supposed to be unbelievably cold on Monday – so at least you’ll be spending the day indoors instead of getting frostbite on the Mall. 🙂

    • You’re so sweet, thanks for the positive thoughts! I feel so conflicted but I guess that’s part of the whole “adult” thing we’ve gotten ourselves into–work begins to take some priority.

      We’re still fortunate to be around all the energy this weekend!!

    • You’re so sweet, thanks for the positive thoughts! I feel so conflicted but I guess that’s part of the whole “adult” thing we’ve gotten ourselves into–work begins to take some priority.

      We’re still fortunate to be around all the energy this weekend!!

  2. So cool that you are training to be a yoga teacher. I recently got into vinyasa yoga and it rocks. Getting certified to teach some kind of exercise class is on my bucket list, for sure. Some day!
    I’ve had a similar week. My brain is just going at 1,000mph. So many thoughts. I had to take a few minutes before work this morning to just breathe!

  3. Congratulations on your teacher training accomplishments! That’s so awesome, Grace! Wishing you all the luck in the world this weekend! Sending positive thoughts Ginger’s way! Today is my Saturday in a sense. My weekend occurs during the week as opposed to the real thing, so today was a good day!

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