You Do You 2K13

I may have gotten a taddddd carried away in amusement writing this title. You can’t blame me though. It’s my first full week back in the office after a long holiday break…and I have not tasted coffee in three months. Remember that little cleanse I did? Well, I feel invigorated being off caffeine despite my love of the taste of coffee, and for now it’s working for me.

Moving on from the silliness, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The start of the year always feels so incredibly uplifting and inspiring. I agree that we can change ourselves at any time in our life if we choose to, but the beginning of a new year triggers an extra degree of positive and proactive actions. And I’m elated about 2013.

On the second day of the year, I started my morning with an early yoga class in the warmth of my studio. My teacher encouraged us to set our intention for the year at the start of our class. I was really moved by her encouragement to do so. Rather than set a transient intention for the day, I was encouraged to center myself on the person I wanted to become this year. There’s an almost palpable poignancy in deciding the person you want to be and the way you want to feel in the coming year.  How exhilarating is it that you can be in control of your own destiny?

Apart from resolving to floss your teeth every night and practice three sun salutations a day (yes, day eight and I’m going strong), you can commit to balance,  purpose, love, or being alive in 2013. And there’s a difference between setting these intentions and truly embodying them over the next 365 days or hopefully the rest of your life. At the root of transformation, we find change and the ability to respond to changes around us. You must be willing to embrace it proactively.

“I want my words and actions to be the quantification of my love. To make tangible the passions in my heart for the world and the people in it.”
-Anis Mojgani

Who are you hoping to be this year?


13 thoughts on “You Do You 2K13

  1. I seriously love that you’re a yogi. I’ve recently become obsessed with yoga and changing my lifestyle a bit (I’ve been reading a lot of the Dalai Lama’s teachings/Buddhism). I truly think yoga has helped me with a more positive, calm, outlook on life. I’d love to come to one of your classes one day!

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