Fact: It’s Friday


Fact: I have an addiction to Kombucha. I crave the refreshing carbonation and it’s “healthy” placebo effects. I’ve been chugging these and going broke



Fact: I have 2.5 days of work before CHRISTMAS VACATION. My holidays don’t rollover to 2013, so I’m taking off eight days in December


Fact: When a foodie and an architect (along with a lot of wine, beer, and Hershey kisses) get together on a Thursday, this happens….

IMG_2115 IMG_2116


Fact: My Christmas cards have been mailed and the majority of my holiday shopping list is complete. This is a historical moment. Take note



Fact: I eat a protein pancake almost every day–topped with strawberry jam and greek yogurt. Grape jelly will never be welcome  in my house



Fact: I can barely contain my excitement at new book recommendations. I’m reading Junot Diaz’s new novel (I’ll report back) and have a overwhelming list following that completion. Eeeeeeeeeee


Fact: We did the tree lights TWICE this year, since some male in my family started with the light plug at the top of the tree. Note to all: use the outlet side



Fact: I will be in Northern California in four days. If anything brings out the crunchy granola in my, it’s the Berkley/San Francisco culture. Let the wine, local produce,  farm to table restaurants, cookie baking, grandma time, and yoga ensue


What are your facts?


14 thoughts on “Facts

  1. Girl, I hear you on the kombucha addiction. I keep trying to slow down my ridiculous consumption of those things, and it keeps not working. My bank account isn’t thanking me, but Whole Foods definitely is.

    • I’d say Trinity is a good flavor Kombucha rookies. You’ll really like the Synergy flavors because they have more fruit puree. Deeelish. Kombucha definitely is an acquired taste but I love it plain too

  2. Love that office clip! Dwight moments are the greatest. And that’s sooo great that you’ll almost be on break! Have a great time! I’m completely jealous that you’re done with holiday shopping. That’s on the list for me this week, I need to finish!

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