Things I Never Thought I’d Do

I’m a planner, always have been. Mapping out the agenda for my day keeps me sane. I like to know when I’ll be waking up, how long I’ll be at work for, what my dinner plans are, etc. My iPhone calendar provides a helpful glimpse at my month, but my moleskin notebook provides me ease of mind with my daily tasks. Life has changed immensely since graduating college and launching into a life in the real world. Over the past four years, there have been numerous changes in my personal life but let’s stick to the healthy living ones:

  • Doing laundry primarily because I’m out of sports bras and socks
  • Calling myself a Marathoner (or do I have to run more than one)
  • Going to the grocery store solely for grapes
  • Choosing an early run over sleep
  • Double-fisting green juice and Kombucha
  • Wondering if my yoga mat is so sweaty, it’s on the verge of dangerous
  • Baking a vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (Warning: bake another pie for upset male family members)
  • Having more running shoes than high heels
  • Cursing the world when I run out of Greek yogurt
  • Starting sentences with, “So this one time in yoga class…”
  • Receiving a yoga mat for my 20th birthday and a GPS running watch for my 22nd
  • Contemplating what flavor animal crackers are in the waiting room of my yoga studio
  • Budgeting for that pair of spinning shoes I’ve needed
  • Realizing the liquids I consumed that day were coconut water and lots of Pinot Noir

I’m traveling for work this week and next, which gives me little independence and control over my schedule. But I’m making peace with it. Don’t get me wrong, my to-do list is still going strong and my early rising ensues; however, I’m going with the motions of my team each day. After this week of Kentucky Fried Chicken eating out, a little appliance is calling my name…

What are some of your idiosyncrasies?


12 thoughts on “Things I Never Thought I’d Do

  1. Lady, you are funny! I am on my eleventh day of my juice fast and it has been seriously incredible! I used to do yoga 3 times a week, as well as weight lifting. I competed in a body building show in April of this year and got 2nd with 15% body fat. Two weeks later, I injured my back. I could hardly move for months, so I ate and drank my depression away. Since I still can’t bend (no yoga) or lift weights (my life is over), Juicing was my only option. It has been life changing! I’d love if you checked out my journey, as well as my favorite Orange Julius breakfast juice listed on my blog (i throw in spinach, kale, and celery too) Cheers! Belle

      • Plums add a super great flavor to most of my morning drinks, as I like to keep the fruit in the morning, mostly. Thanks for thinking I’m courageous! You should try a cleanse! Even if you don’t do 60 days, you could try 10 or 30! My nutritionist, Breanne Nalder, is available if you have any questions on getting started! I just posted her info on my blog 🙂

  2. I am obsessed with juicing! I swear it gives me more energy then any Red Bull could ever! I am a planner too and I can get anxious if things are not on the books or things go out of order so I have Bach remedy Spray (whole foods) this helps me! Love and Shine CourtStar

  3. Great list! I only do laundry for sports bras/running socks, and I also worry about the sweatiness of my yoga mat and my headphones! Seriously, should I be sterilizing my head phones because I feel like I should.

  4. Reading this post reminded me so much of myself! I’m a planner at heart, have run to the grocery store solely for grapes (sorryi’mnotsorry), and have a deep love for Greek yogurt!

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