Sandy Morning

Hurricane Sandy is making a presence here in DC, thus I was not able to fly out this morning for work travel. Before beginning my day of working for home, I fit in a home yoga practice. No public transportation…no gym. This was my longest self-practice yet! I took myself through a twisting and leg burning flow for about 50 minutes. It was a nice early flow at dusk, my candle illuminating the damp room and mat.

And I have to tell you that I dropped back into my backbend by myself and then came up from it 🙂 I’ve always had a spot just in case during my Ashatanga classes.  It was such a empowering feeling on my own!

I’m curled up in my PJs with some mint tea and Sandy picking up outside, as I continue working for the day. I’ll leave you with an easy, favorite vegetable dish of mine

The real deal: brussel sprout stalk from Trader Joe’s. So fun using the vegetable in it’s organic state. I use to hate this vegetable–something about my grandma boiling them to death and plopping them on my plate has turned me off of them for awhile. No more!

Cutting each one into halves or quarters

Look how HUGE some of the sprouts are! (Don’t mind my unphotogenic hand)

Season and Bake! You can use any ingredient pairs you are craving. I used olive oil, Bragg’s Amino/soy sauce, salt/pepper, chili flakes, nutritional yeast, and mustard. I let them roast for 30+ minutes, because I like mine crispy

What’s your favorite way to make brussel sprouts?


7 thoughts on “Sandy Morning

  1. I’ve always hated brussel sprouts too, but I think it’s just the childhood memory of boiled to death ones like you said! I know I need to give them another try, but somethings still holding me back. These look so good though!

  2. I discovered my love for brussel sprouts at Alta restaurant in NYC — you must go there next time you’re in town! I can never replicate them at home no matter how hard I try — they don’t get crispy enough!

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